Our Missionaries

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Andrew and Erin Stroup are serving at Crosswind’s Caribbean Mountain Academy, a faith based boarding school for at risk American teenagers located in the Dominican Republic.  CMA’s mission is to help troubled American teenage boys and girls and their families be restored back to mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  We do this through a unique atmosphere with staff who are committed believers who have raised support to teach, counsel, and do life with the students.  They see genuine faith lived out, while also learning about what God’s word has to say about them and what Christ did for them, through daily devotions and weekly church services.  The students also receive professional counseling services targeted to helping the teen with specific issues, as well as the family unit as a whole.  Some unique aspects we offer due to our location in the Dominican Republic is the opportunity to complete service projects in the surrounding communities where many families are living well below the poverty line.  In addition, we are able to offer opportunities to challenge the youth physically through adventure based learning activities, including an annual five day hike up Pico, the tallest mountain the Caribbean! 

CMA also serves as a missions hub for churches, school teams, and families to come down and serve in missions projects strategically paired with the skillset the team brings to the campus. 

To learn more go to the CMA website: http://www.crosswinds.org

or follow our blog: http://www.stroupswalkingonwaves.wordpress.com

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If you would like to contact any of our missionaries, please log in to get the contact information.