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ATENTION:  Church services for 1-23-2022 are CANCELLED!!  Please do not travel in.  The snow is still falling and is expected to do so until 1pm today.  The roads have not been plowed and so they are very dangerous.  I have come to the church and it is dangerous and I do not want anyone to venture out so please be safe.


ATTENTION! The sidewalks are done, but they have not cured. We can walk on them but PLEASE be very careful not to drive up on the edges as they are not ready to take the weight of a car.-Thank you for your patience, Pastor Mark


bulletin 1.23.22 ....


Our Mission

Calvary Baptist Church of Oswego exists for honoring God, strengthening and encouraging believers, and presenting Christ to those who do not know Him personally.


Our Vision

Calvary Baptist Church endeavors to build strong family relationships by teaching, modeling, and sharing practical understanding and application of God’s Word.











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